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Artificial Intelligence AI Company List Arr. Brugge Belgium

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This dataset contains either a list of 52 companies or alternatively 9 startups (companies registered less than 5 years ago) in Arr. Brugge, Belgique-België (Belgium). For each observation, the following variables are included:

  • domain: The web address of the company.
  • redirect: TRUE if the queried domain redirects to a new domain (e.g. because the company has acquired a new domain or has been purchased by another company and its website is now the target of the redirection). FALSE if there is no redirection. Information from redirected domains should be handled with care.
  • redirected_domain: The domain to which redirected if redirect is TRUE.
  • description: Self-description of the company (if provided).
  • main_contact_mail: The e-mail address most likely to be the main contact address. Extracted from the company's website if available.
  • AI_Intensity: Rating by our analytics system webAI regarding the company's integration of AI in products and services.
  • ai_intensity_keywords: Topic relevant keywords found on website (not available for innovation and social innovation topics).
  • AI_Intensity_level: Interpretation and reading aid of column AI_Intensity.
  • AI_Intensity_updated: Date of the last data update.
  • lat: Geo-coordinates of the company location in WGS84 format.
  • lon: Geo-coordinates of the company location in WGS84 format.
  • NUTS0_name: Name of the state where the company is located.
  • NUTS1: NUTS 1 code of the province where the company is located.
  • NUTS1_name: Name of the province.
  • NUTS2: NUTS 2 code of the region where the company is located.
  • NUTS2_name: Name of the region.
  • NUTS3: NUTS 3 code of the county in which the company is located.
  • NUTS3_name: Name of the county.

This dataset was last updated on: April 2023.

Can I see the data beforehand?
Yes! Just "buy" the free data sample. In it you will find a random sample of up to 1% (maximum 100 observations, minimum 1 observation) of the companies included in the full dataset.

How reliable and accurate is the data?
We subject our data to rigorous quality assurance measures. These include internal measures as well as external validation carried out by our research partners according to high scientific standards. Since our webAI analysis tool is based on machine learning procedures respectively probability-based methods, individual misclassifications cannot be ruled out and 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Where can I learn more about the data?
Take a look at our documentation especially the one for AI_Intensity

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Artificial Intelligence AI Company List Arr. Brugge Belgium

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