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What our customers say

Technical University of Munich

With the help of ISTARI.AI, we were able to use a new and innovative approach to analyze regional business networks. In the future, data from ISTARI.AI will be an integral part of our research.

— Prof. Dr. Hanna Hottenrott

Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)

The service provided by ISTARI.AI gives us a real-time view of the innovative strength of Austrian companies. For us, the timeliness of the data and the detailed resolution are of particular strategic value.

— Harald Hochreiter

Denmark AI

Instead of spending days doing our own research, ISTARI webAI allowed us to easily identify AI companies in Denmark, saving us hundreds of hours of work.

— Prof. Dr. Roman Jurowetzki


ISTARI's high-resolution regional data opens up completely new opportunities for a targeted customer approach.

— Daniel Hutwagner


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Learn how webAI works and how you can use it to monitor your economy.


What is ISTARI.AI?

ISTARI.AI is a young German AI startup from Mannheim. We offer scientifically based market insights powered by our proprietary webAI. Learn more about us.

What is webAI?

WebAI is a cloud-based artificial intelligence developed by ISTARI.AI. The AI analyzes company websites and reliably extracts information from them. WebAI can handle about 100 languages and covers an increasing number of topics. Learn more about webAI.

Is your data reliable?

Our webAI technology is based on cutting edge science. Our business idea was born from research and we continue to work with experts from renowned academic institutions through our ISTARI Research Partner Program. With our partner experts we develop new webAI components and validate the results in external studies. Learn more about it here.

Can I see the data beforehand?

Every single dataset comes with a free sample that you can easily download and verify the quality of our data.

Why does the free sample cost 0.01€?

It is indeed free of charge! Only when using Express Checkout with PayPal you will see 0,01€ as costs. But this should not be debited. If you do a normal checkout, the price will be correctly displayed as 0,00€.

Does your data include contact information?

We extract the main contact email for each company if it is mentioned on the website. Also, each company comes with the exact geo-coordinates of the company location.

How often do you update your data?

Every month, our webAI analyzes all of the approximately 10 million companies with their own websites in Europe and then immediately uploads the updated data to the Data Market. Sometimes, however, websites are temporarily unavailable, in which case the information may be older than one month.

How many companies do you cover?

We cover all commercially active companies in Europe that operate their own website. That's about 10 million. Learn more about the number of companies we cover per country.

Can I buy company lists for my region only?

Yes! We offer company lists on national, regional and local level. Just browse our portfolio.

Does your data also include universities?

Yes! Our data covers over 3,000 European universities.

Do you have time series (historical) data?

If you need historical data, please contact us directly.

Do you add new topics?

Yes, we are permanently extending webAI. Every six weeks one new topic is added. So it is worth to visit us regularly.

I have a question that cannot be answered with the datasets you offer, can you help me?

With webAI, we can answer almost any question a human could by looking through company websites....and speaking 100 languages and managing to browse 10 million websites. Just contact us directly with your question.